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Guide Books and web sites to Europe's premier ski resorts

Ever since the first edition of the Meribel Experience was launched back in 1993, Experience Publications has been producing high quality guide books to ski resorts.

Our objectives are to develop the Experience brand to become the ultimate information source for all the major ski resorts. We are entirely independent, and we don't sell holidays, nor do we have any desire to. As anyone who has ever been a rep will tell you, It is a thankless task! We are not here to help you chose a resort, but once you've made that choice, our aim is to help you get the most out of your destination and to maximise your enjoyment. Let's face it, holidays are a precious time for all of us.

You can order copies of each of the guide books we publish on-line, in complete security, so you can plan ahead in the weeks before you travel, which in itself is also an exciting experience.

We hope that our individual resort web sites will add a new dimension to your holiday preparations. As technology develops so will the format in which our content is provided. Visit our 6 Day programme to get an idea of what we mean.

We are also pleased to announce our entry into the golfing market with the launch of our brand new guide to Spain's premier golfing destination, the Costa del Sol experience. Priced at £3.95 this 168 page guide is on sale throughout UK golf clubs, as well as across the Costa del Sol itself. It contains detailed information on each of the 38 courses in the region, as well as a host of other invaluable data to help you make the most of your golfing holiday.

Enjoy the experience.